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Umbrellas of Edinburgh: Poetry and Prose Inspired by Scotland's Capital City, Freight Press: December 2016.

Secret Garden.  The Mound Before Midnight.


Neu Reekie: Going Fur Gold anthology, Polygon Press: April 2016.



Artificial Womb magazine, Dundee: March 2016.

Love Triangle: Part One. 


My Dear Watson- the Very Elements in Poetry anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, Germany:  January 2016.



The Best British Poetry Anthology 2015, Salt Press, London: October 2015.

On Keeping a Wolf. 


Be The First To Like This: New Scottish Poets Anthology, Vagabond Press, Edinburgh: September 2014.

Airports.  The Annabel Chong Documentary.  Hiatus. 


Split Screen Anthology, Red Squirrel Press, Edinburgh: September 2014.

The Black Tapestry of Amy Winehouse. 


Out There: New Queer Voices Anthology, Glasgow: September 2014.

Dandyism to Debauchery.  Gravity.  Demolition, Banshees and the Beginning of Love.  Perfect Alchemy.  


Oxford Poetry Magazine, London: August 2014.

On Keeping a Wolf. 


Ars Medica, A Journal of Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Vancouver: August 2014.

The Allegory of Melancholy.  Los(t) Angeles.  Il Piccolo Paradiso.  Hessian Lungs.


The Wait Anthology for Cancer Research, Glasgow: August 2014.



SPOKE: New Queer Voices, Manchester: July 2014. 

Hedonism with An Ice-Cream Shot.  Love Triangle: Part One.  Love and Many Notebooks.


Gutter 11#: July 2014



Motherhood Anthology and blog by Carolyn Jess-Cooke: May 2014.

Placticine Love-Hearts


The Irish Literary Review: March 2014.



The Baltimore Review, USA: February 2014.

On Meeting a Fox. (filmpoem)


Up, Do: Women's Anthology of Fiction, Texas: February 2014.

Facing Window. 


Jessica Kingsley Publishers London: October 2013.

Final Chapters - Writings About the Ends of Life

Upcoming Anthology on Death and Dying Matters.

Beneath the Bracken.


Astronaut, Issue 3: October 2013.

Coming Undone.


 Black Cat Lit (Missouri, USA) October 2013.

The Company of Thieves. 


Gutter 4#: June 2013. 

Aphrodite Hikes Up Her Skirt in April. 


Lighthouse, Gate House Press: May 2013.



Women's Press Blog, California: February 2013.

Tabula Rasa.


Inky Needles (London): January 2013.

Escaping the Smother of Ivy.



White Coffee Magazine: January 2013. (Poetry/Photography collaboration)

When the Dead Answer your Phone.  Passing Places.  Ghost Linguist.   A Choir of Ghosts.

(Photographers; Richard Steel, Eddie Gibbons, Michael Q Black, Charis Stuart


Writers For Libraries, Aberdeen: December 2012.

Sonatas of Snow.  Poetry Library.


Journeys Through Fire, Southwark Cathedral Anthology: November 2012.

From Whistles to Screams. (shortlisted by Carol Ann Duffy).


Danse Macabre (Las Vegas) September 2012.

Vampire.  Veins of Venice.  Watching the World with August Sander.!__dm-61-stonesthrow


Literary Mama (California): January 2013



New Voices Press Anthology, Shorelines: Winter 2012.

Squatter's House (After Gerhard Richter).


Together, Apart Anthology. Second Story Press  (Toronto) Spring 2013.

A Roof of One's Own: The Bounderies of (bi)Sexuality. (Essay)


Agenda, 'Celtic Mists' issue Autumn 2012.

Victor's Women. Lavender Gardens.


Ariadne's Thread: Autumn 2012.

Fast After Midnight.  Hessian Lungs.  Night Vendor.


Friction Magazine (University of Newcastle) June 2012.

Time-Lagged in California.


The Cadaverine: June 2012.

Airports. The Curse of Cathcart Place.



New Linear Perspectives: June 2012.

Searching the Sun in San Francisco (travel review).


The Stirling Collective: Winter 2012.

Campus Chalet. 


ken*again (New York) Summer 2012.

Poison and Paralsis.  A Woman in Bed (After Rembrandt).  Coming Undone. 

Head (short story).


Underground Voices (California) April 2012.

Love and Insomnia in Las Vegas.


Southlight #11 : May 2012.

Dark Pond, Alahambra (After Elizabeth Blackadder ).


Pushing Out the Boat: May 2012.

Your House in Valenza. 


New Linear Perspectives: February 2012.

Diana and Callisto (After Titian).  Portrait of Sarah Malcolm (After William Hogarth).

Time Alone with Tulips. Film Physics.


 The Journal #36: February 2012.

 Summer of Funerals.  Ward Eight.


The New Writer: Spring 2012.

Casa di Dante.  Landscape with Still-Life.


The Lampeter Review #4 : January 2011.

Room in Glasgow.


Orbis #157: November 2011.

Painting Human Fragility.


Ink, Sweat and Tears: November 2011.



The Istanbul Review: Spring 2012.

 Woman in a Street Cafe.  La Plage.


Ofi Press, Mexico: September 2011.

A Jewish Lady From Algiers (After Louis Roguin).


The French Literary Review: October 2011.

 Seascape, Shipping at Moonlight (After Claude Monet).

(Via the Southbank Poetry Library, London.) 


Drey, Red Squirrel Press August 2011.

 Dealing with Desire.  Les Enfants de Terre.  The Madwoman and Her Lover in the Attic.


New Writing Scotland #29 Anthology. July 2011. 

 Princes Street Gardens.  Dieppe; Night (After John Duncan Fergusson). 


Gutter #4: February 2011.

 The Annabel Chong Documentary .


Poetry Salzburg Review: September 2011.

 Small Bather, Kliene (After Gerhard Richter).  Shame in the Family.  

Clouds from Marseille to Annaba. 


The Red Wheelbarrow University of St Andrews Press, August 2011.

 Bluette (After Arthur Walton ).  The Bridge at Grez (After John Lavery).


Velvet November 2009.

 Extra Curricular.


Mslexia Shortlisted Competition poems: June 2009. 

 Hand Over Mouth Music.   Mother and The National Portrait Gallery. 


The Leither: March 2007.

 Lost in Leith. (Features Article).


The Edinburgh Review #117 El Otro Lado: July 2006. 

 Poetry Book Review on Roderick Watson's The Blue Wavelengths