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10 reasons To Love Janette Ayachi, by Rhona Scullion from For Books' Sake, May 2014:


Review of A Choir of Ghosts by Eleswhere Press, May 2014: 


Reveiw of A Choir of Ghosts by Scottish Review of Books: 2014

 Theresa Munez


"Raw and romantic- her words echo on the page"

Inky Needles 


Three Reviews of A Choir of Ghosts by Sphinx Reviewers: Richie McCaffery, Ross Knightly and Peter Daniels. (All male might I add...) 


“Janette Ayachi's poems are rich and sensual, packed with detail, colour and energy. A great debut.”                                

Tamar Yoseloff


"Janette Ayachi's language is always subtly textured, unnervingly visceral.  This gathering of new poems brims with unusual imagery, with lovers who are 'blotted into the background of a Melville watercolour' or whose hands fill with helium. Its linguistic inventiveness is countered by an intimate, haunting voice.  Open its pages: they are well worth your time."

John McCullough


“Both imaginative and unusually rich in imagery, Janette Ayachi's full-bodied poems show clear promise.”

Moniza  Alvi         


"Janette's new poetry is beguiling, mercurial, her words are set out before her- dark, open, beautiful."

Alastair Cook    


"Janette Ayachi  enchanted us with her measured, explorative poetry. Her reworkings of classic paintings, with a sharply focused eye on the seemingly mundane, are undeniably the work of a powerful voice that is conscious of that which remains hidden:  “I am the perverted picture viewer/ tuned in and turned on/ to the aesthetic beauty of visuals// distorting reality/ just so I can escape awhile/ in the shadow of the auditorium”.    

New Linear Perspectives      


'At the same time, one wouldn’t want to suppress Ayachi’s questing imagination nor limit her reach – there are some vibrant, unusual images here and a sense of the grit and grease of real cities that’s well worth the exploration' NW

Review of Pauses at Zebra Crossings in Antiphon : full review here



Sabotage Review: